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    I am new here and need a review on this web host. I found the link on and want to know whether they are reliable or not.

    They got really cheap web hosting with no set up fees -

    Please reply.


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    Take a look at their testimonials on cirtex forums.
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    Hmm...i like their plans...but are they too good to be true, will they susspend people for using their space...
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    Thats wat I am thinking as well.

    I just visited And found out they upgraded it recently.

    I was almost shocked by their plans and monthly increments of disk space and bandwidth.

    Do u think I shud by a package from them?


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    There's not many "reviews," but from what I've read and looked at, they don't appear to be bad. Sure, there may be a bad review here and there, but everything looks like it was sorted out. I don't think anyone has complained about being suspended, either.

    The owner of CirtexHosting is on WHT, he seems to know what he's doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMWebs
    Hmm...i like their plans...but are they too good to be true, will they susspend people for using their space...

    As long as all the files you're hosting are legit and legal, you're more than welcome to host it with us and we have customers running Flash Game sites with 15gb of flash games on a advanced plan as well. We're very lenient when it comes to CPU Resources as we have few customers running busy IPBs with average 100 users on at the same time, as long as you're not running any illegal websites / hosting illegal files then you should be fine

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    Unless there is a host here who was previously hosted with cirtex before they started their journey, there is is no reason for hosts to respond. The OP wants reviews, not generalisations.
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    My site is going to be on web statistics. That is, like and google analytics.

    And you know, for site will be heavily depended upon mysql databases.

    And also, queries may take place every second to my site.

    Therefore, I would definitlely like to knwo whether u can do it or nt.

    There is nth illegal in my site. Each and every script is written by me.
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