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    Difference between Unmetered Line & Metered bandwidth

    Hello guys

    I just want to know what is the exactly difference between 'Unmetered Line and Metered bandwidth' ?

    Like host is providing Unmetered Line: 2Mbps or Metered bandwidth: 200gb

    Which option is better for what type of site ?

    I mainly have pictures and other type of small file downloads on my site. Which option should i opt for?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions


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    Unmetered generally means a rate limited port with a static bit per second rating.

    Metered generally means the aggregate amount of bytes transferred.

    Be sure to look for limits or caps on some providers Unmetered offerings.
    Watch out for excessive overage charges (prepaid vs. unplanned) and be certain to determine if the meter runs ingress or egress or both.

    Generally 200 GB of Data Transfer a Month is basically the equivalent of to 617 Kbps. 2 Mbps is roughly the equivalent of 648 GB/Month.

    I hope this helps you in your decision.

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    Oh and there is virtually no way for me to make a recommendation either way based on the description of your site. Your images could be 2 MB or 2 KB's each. How many visitors do you get, what is the purpose of the site. Do you have previous web logs which you can reference to determine trends?

    If this is a new site, how are you planning on driving traffic? How much traffic do you expect?

    With alittle planning and alittle math you should be able to determine which account would serve you best.

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    Thanks a lot Fusionapps for your help and suggestion

    My site is on a vbulletin and its mainly related to pictures and photo sharing. I have set max upload file size: 1024*768px (500kb) So, i don't allow big images to upload. and site is about 3 months old, so not much traffic over here.

    Any suggestions now ? ? ?

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    If 200GB are enough for you, it should be the best option since you will share a 100Mbit connection.

    2Mbits = 240KB/s
    240 KBs / 60 users = 4KB/s
    500K image / 4KBs = 125s to load (more than 2 minutes)

    10Mbits = 1280KB/s
    1280 KBs / 60 users = 21KB/s
    500K image / 21KBs = 23s to load

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    sspt is pretty close on his calculations.

    2 Mbps is actually equal to 250 KB/s.
    But I ask what if the site has 1 user a second that'd be euqal to 2 second load time per image. Its one way to determine what type of bandwidth you might need, but without stats its difficult to know for sure.

    It really all depends on how many users you get. How many unique sessions you get and how much transfer you currently use every month.

    Your web logs should be able to give you all this data.

    Generally sspt is correct though, if the 200GB is at the end of a 100Mbps connection which itself isn't rate limited then your users experience when under load would certainly be more enjoyable.

    Are there peak times for traffic at your site or is there a pretty steady flow.

    What type of account do you use now?

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    Yes, my mistake
    2MBits = 2 * 1024 = 2048Kbits / 8 = 256Kbytes

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    yeah basically in lamen terms.

    metered is like.... having 100 mbit at so many GIG per month limit
    unmetered is like.... having only 1 or 2 mbps at an unlimited limit.

    for small sites, unmetered is fine, but for larger sites that have alot of regular users visiting the site at once, metered may be a better option..

    usually what i go by, is metered for business websites, unmetered for personal websites that don't have alot of activity.

    unmetered may sound like a "true good to be true" deal, but what it is, is they count on you not using excessive amounts of bandwidth, and if you have a busy website what can happen with 'unmetered' is your users could complain about the server responding slowly at certain times of the day, which is a bad thing, so its a choice you have to make for yourself.. Do you A: want a website thats fast to access but limited on bandwidth every /mo or
    B: a website thats not as fast, but gives you unlimited bandwidth for shoutcasting and other such things?
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    Thanks a lot guys for your suggestions

    I think i should better go for metered bandwidth as site is growing day by day and pictures downloads are also increasing.

    once again thanks a lot to all for your time

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