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    Need C++/VB Coder (or other languages possibly)

    I require a simple script or program that is not to do with the Internet at all. It will have an interface that will do the following:

    Take a piece of text from a text file randomly x number of times and create a line of text using that information, seperated by a specific character given by the user.

    For example, if I want to create a line containing a list of movies, the initial movie text file db will look like this:

    X-Men: The Last StandSigns
    Rush Hour 2
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    King Kong
    The Da Vinci Code

    Now, within the program, I have 5 inputs to give it.

    1) The number of times it will pull a piece of information from my text file, it will be anywhere from x to x and choose this randomly each time.
    2) The character(s) that will seperate the list. For example, a comma, and ".." and "!!" There should be 6 input boxes here of 5 characters maximum per box.
    3) The text file to pull the information from
    4) The text file to save the information to
    5) The number of lines to save

    Now say I chose the file "Movies.txt" which contained the above listed movies. I also entered 3-8 for the number of times it pulls one listing. I choose 3 ways to seperate each, "!!", "," and "...". and I entered the number of lines to be "500"

    The output that would be saved to the output file for 1 line would be randomly (note: it will only use an entry from a file once per line obviously, so you can't have duplicates per line)

    Mrs. Doubtfire!! King Kong ... My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Aladdin...
    Raiders of the Lost Ark !! Ghost, Aladin!

    I have attached graphics showing what the UI *could* look like and more explanation of what I want visually. It's not exact, it can look like anything, as long as it works. Hit me up if you have any questions which I'm sure you will. You can also contact me on [email protected]

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    I've been told this is super hard to understand, so please just contact me and I'll give a better explanation. It's really a simple app.

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    I have found a great coder for this project. No other contact to me needs to be made.

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