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    Anyone ever heard of I'm tinkering with the thought of signing up their $9.9/m plan.. But I need some advise.

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    Just do a search here at WHT, there are many posts on startlogic. Take your time and dig around the forum here and do your research.

    Good luck!
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    StartLogic is great. I have two sites with them and they are definitely a good host. Support is helpful and they have great prices. I recommend them.

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    As Cirtex suggested, perform a search and read as much as you can from those previous discussions. You will find, more than likely, both good and bad reviews (I noticed that FR-Alex mainly linked to the bad ones). In the end it will be up to you what opinions to trust and what to do next.

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    Great Site - StartLogic

    StartLogic is pretty good site, and famous for its support, If you really care about your own business with almost no down time, it's the right place for you to go. But the price might be a little bit hight.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunners
    Anyone ever heard of I'm tinkering with the thought of signing up their $9.9/m plan.. But I need some advise.
    just keep these 2 phrases in mind

    you get what you pay for.
    if something seems too good to be true, it mostly is.

    and like everyone else said take a look at the search system from WHT and search more information before u continue
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    I have dealt with their support and I would have to say they responded pretty quick with a quality answer.

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