I need several jobs done on freeshit.co.uk, all must be completed to the highest quality.

Job one - template intergraton.

I need my template http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/6...hji222tho7.png intergrated into 3 scripts mediascrpt (homepage) freeipodgifts (freeshit.co.uk/freeshit) not yet finished install and myspace resource freeshit.co.uk/yourspace.

Job 2 - mod rewrite edit
Edit the myspace resouce .htaccess file so the mod rewrite links works as it ment to be on homepage not in sub folder.

Job 3 php coding
addons to the script http://www.mediascript.net/
The add-ons i need are:
A newsletter that members are automaticly addded and guest can join.
A news addon to update news on to go on front page.
automatic loading of new videos from sites such as, collegehumor.com, santoalt.com, unoriginal.co.uk updated daily by cron-job.

Please PM me with you quotes and any questions you may have