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    Unmetered Line or Metered bandwidth on 10mbps port - which one?

    Im planning on running a couple proxy sites, which should i choose, can someone explain that in newbie terms. thanks

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    If you are talking about Metered vs. Unmetered, I am going to assume that you are talking about Dedicated Servers. In this case, you should have posted in the Dedicated Servers forum.

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    Moved to dedicated...

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    You should be looking more into CPU and RAM than bandwidth. Metered would be fine.

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    Are they very popular? If they don't get too much traffic, I recommend metered bw.
    If they do, i would get unmetered so you don't pay for overages.

    How is it working out? Metered on 100mbit port, and unmetered 10mbit?

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    As stated by Tailseh, it depends on your level of traffic. If its a constant level of bandwidth being used, say in excess of 3Mbps concurrently most of the time, an unmetered line is a better as you won't pay any bandwidth overage fees.

    However, if your traffic tends to be spikey, as in you get the odd burst of traffic every now and again over 10Mbps, but for the most parts its nowhere near this, then you will be better on a metered lin. Of course, this depends on whether you can get a bandwidth deal to suit your requirement. If you are going for a metered server, its best to get a 100Mbps port rather then a 10Mbps for most applications. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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