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    * 1950 Stemmons Equinix Cross Connect


    This is a little bit of an odd request. I have a client that is looking to purchase some GX transit from us inside of the Dallas Equinix. Problem is they are not a Equinix customer so they can not order a cross connect from GX over to their Transport carrier. I am looking for someone that has a presence inside Equinix and we could order a cross connect via them and they could make some margin for themselves.

    We are trying to get the carrier to order the cross connect for us, so this is a backup plan. If your interested PM or email me off line...


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    Why don't you have the customer contact whoever is reselling him space at equinix and order it through them? They will have to approve it anyway. No datacenter will just blindly run cross connects with out LOA's from both partys.
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    Why not ask the provider to order the cross connect and billed it into the transport ckt...

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