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    Leaseweb - Fresh opinions

    I need to buy a dedicated,with 1TB traffic,plenty of storage,and some control panel included.I found this "Control Panel Server 2" (1TB traffic,160gb hd,Plesk included) plan from Leaseweb and it fits my needs.The price is good i think,69euros/month...I'm paying 60$/month now for a VPS..
    I searched the forum and found good words for Leaseweb,but I would like fresh opinions also..
    What do you think about them?Have you got bad experience?

    thanks a lot!

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    i left leaseweb about 2yrs ago, and tried several other dedicated servers in .us, .de, and .nl and for the last 6 months i have been so happy to be back at leaseweb,
    i will not leave them again, i am on a 100mbit connection with 2TB / month.
    and this has been the only company to offer a "REAL" 100mbit connection,

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