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    redundancy DNS fail

    what happens when I have 2 DNS servers on my domain and 1 fails?
    around 50% of the access fails... or they detect DNS timeout and try the other one, so 50% of the access would just take more time?

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think it takes more time after it looks up the domain through one nameserver. Then if it fails, it results to the next nameserver.

    "One of the keys to making this work is redundancy. There are multiple name servers at every level, so if one fails, there are others to handle the requests. There are, for example, three different machines running name servers for HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM requests. All three would have to fail for there to be a problem."


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    yes. you either get latency which will result in timeout issues or get a 50% drop rate based on the inefficiencies of round robin. So, you may want to elimnate the threat of having a single point of failure and outsource your DNS - its not a sexy thing to do yourself anyways - you will be glad you did.
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