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    (Moved to a new server) Urgent help needed in setting up dynamic VirtualHost

    Hey all,
    I just moved to my own server and am having desperate problems w/ setting up dynamic VirtualHost. I've already added the following to my DNS zone:
    * 14400 IN A IP.ADDRESS

    This is what I have in my httpd.conf file for VirtualHost:

    <VirtualHost IP.ADDRESS:80>
    DocumentRoot /home/username/public_html
    ServerPath /home/username/public_html
    Byteslog domlogs/
    ServerAlias *

    However, none of the subdomains are loading for me. I am receiving a perpetual "Page cannot be displayed" error.

    Please help! Thanks

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    Does the domain resolve? Have you checked the error_log if it does?

    Also remove ServerPath from your virtualhost unless you have the httpd.conf etc in that path.

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