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    * FULL Website development, $100

    YES , you heard it right, $100, this includes:

    -Graphics (including logo, and everything you may need)
    -up to 15 content filled pages (content provided by you)
    -PSD files


    Who in the kahooties are you?

    Hello, my Name is Carlos, and i have decided to establish myself as an independent web designer since i have worked for private local publicity companies for some time.


    What? Where? Why so cheap?

    To successfully start a company, i need to establish a CORPORATE Portfolio, and to achieve this, i have ellaborated a special offer
    that will sure come along with a few requests.


    Show us what youve done in the past

    As you may have alreay pondered, this offer is all around me building a portfolio, but from my little amount of work currently online, i can mention (never really came to a start) (currently a template, still under development) (splash page, ) (graphic background, just to show off what i can do in photoshop) (gaming site i made for a client) (just fooling around hehe) (simple template)

    i know this may not be impressive, but i can guarantee to give an impressive result on your business, (this is targeted to any kind of website)

    for further information, either PM me
    or email me at [email protected]
    catch me on msn at [email protected]
    AIM: JcarMm

    This offer is only for a very limited time.

    Thanks for your attention,

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    You do some nice work, you'll definitely get a lot of response with that price

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    PM coming your way...

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    I am interested as well

    Please contact me
    "In the end you start thinking about the beginning"
    "You shouldn't take life to seriously, you will never get out alive"
    "Every Passing Minute is another chance to turn it all around"

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    Interested in this offer, please pm or email me, I also sent you a pm yesterday, but didn't get a reply.


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