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    [Wanted] Professional PHP Programmer

    I'm looking for a Professional PHP Programmer which provides quality services. What I mean with this is that you always make sure the script has no bugs, everything works correctly, it's complete and provide it with some neat PHP and XHTML coding standards.

    I'm currently needing scripts for an MMORPG Game Server which runs with MSSQL. We are require Account Registration, Password Reset, Password Recovery, Online Users, Online Players, Map with location of players and a few more things.

    We will provide the access to the database so you can see the structure and get the data needed to do those things. It honestly isn't much work and it's pretty simple for someone that does professional php jobs.

    We're offering around $150 for this job. If you're interested please PM me with your MSN/AIM. I will also provide various files you can see how it works, etc.

    We want things from scratch though, and simple, so it shouldn't take you much time or much money to us.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    PM sent. Thank you

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    Request being worked by prunelsolutions. Thanks for all the contacts!

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