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    Site Beta Testers


    I am looking for 2 or 3 beta tester to test a developed website for flaws, bugs, errors, holes, tweaks, what have you not's and design recommendations.

    I need people with a good eye for details and good understanding of how websites should function. Will include have to create multiple listings to ensure the site is fully working and all bugs are crushed.

    I would like you to then communicate to me your recommendations and all bugs and errors found.

    If you feel your the person for the job then pm me.


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    is this a paid job?
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    :-) Of course is there any other kinda of Job.

    I really dont know how long it will take for you to beta test the site but if you pm me ill give you more details and you can look at the site and quote me how much you want to do the job :-)


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    I am interested, and I have contacted you.

    What kind of site is it?
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    I am interested

    I'm interested for the job opening, I have just one query what r the terms n conditions for payment?
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    I sent you a PM.

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    Thanks man replied to all pm's

    I have gotten a good responce from this post so thank you to all that have replied.

    Ill post closed when i have orgainised the testers.

    @prolead Terms are pretty simple i like to keep things simple we agree a price you do the job you get paid via paypal...

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    Thanks for all the replies...

    All Positions Filled so i guess this thread is CLOSED...


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