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    How do I redirect visitors with htaccess?


    Can you tell me how to get visitors to my
    root domain to arrive at my index page
    in my sub diretory please?

    Currently my htaccess has this:

    <Files directory>
    AddHandler server-parsed .php
    SetHandler application/x-httpd-php

    But they are not taken to the index in
    the sub directory.


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    DirectoryIndexes index.php

    add this just below the sethandler

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    That won't send them to the directory, it will just make sure the index.php is served first once they get there if they don't specify a page (unless that's what you'd wanted?).

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    The file I want them served with is :
    where directory has no suffix or file extension.

    So do I just add
    DirectoryIndexes subdirectroy/default ??

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