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    Need hosting-Lots of traffic&storage

    Hi all,
    I'm running a file hosting service and I need to find a new hosting company.
    Currently I'm using a linux VPS,but the montly traffic is too little.
    So I'm looking for a web hosting plan,with ~10gb storage,and 1TB~ monthly traffic.I will host there only one domain,so I don't care about limited domains,etc.
    Budget is arround 10-20euros /month.
    I saw some good plans on Leaseweb,but they had only 12 month contract...

    Please give some suggestions

    ps.Also I want RELIABLE hosting!I'm sick of downtimes...and fast support!

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    There are a few, but one I've experienced (when they offered around 10gb space and 200gb bandwidth) is Loved their clustered set up and redundancy.

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    Any other suggestions?anyone?

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    lypha, dreamhost and servage

    these 3 would love your high storage and bandwidth sites

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    Servage has pretty good storage and traffic specs.How about their connectivity?I really need fast upload/download speeds.

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    Take a look to the ToS of the host of your choice before signup, many does not allow to run services like yours on a shared account.
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    From a quick look on Servage's ToS,I haven't found anything saying that they don't allow file hosting services...If anyone has better experience with them please reply.
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    strangely i never came across any shared hosting that offer 1TB data transfer every month...
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    Even if you find a host to offer that type of a shared package I will be surprised if you ever get to use it. Over using CPU power will most likely get you shut down. If you use that much storage and bandwidth you will most likely chew up system resources. If you have the money get a dedicated, if you don’t have the funds I wouldn’t even bother Hosting Solutions Since 2004
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    Thanks for the replies guys!I think that dedicated is the only way to go.

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    Don't take servage. I have them for few months. Really bad. They even cheat. They limit your site's traffic to some amount of hits. If your site has 20 images whcih is very common for any site it'll count it as 21 hits. No one can't touch 2100 GB bandwidh what they are advertising. All false. Cheater.

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    Servage allow a max transfer of 70GB/day and 400000 hits, if you peak above that I guess they will disable the account until next period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piter81
    Thanks for the replies guys!I think that dedicated is the only way to go.

    Yes I think that for your requirements you would better get a dedicated server.

    You can check out at ResellersPanel - they have some good offers

    I hope this helps

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    Yea if you need that amount of space and bandwidth you should go dedicated, or at lease VPS. If you do that amount of traffic on a simple shared/reseller plan you will definately be checked on, and possibly terminated.

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    I think a VPS or dedicated would be the best for the type of website you have and another thing is that make sure you checkout the TOC of the hosts before purchasing as many hosts ive come across restrict file sharing sites
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    Just another thread about people that want the world for a dime... Good luck finding a reliable webhoster for $10,-.
    hi there!

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