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Thread: Need Hosting

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    Need Hosting

    I need about 500Mb space with 10GB bandwidth cpanel hosting
    I need it only for $1 or $2.
    If anybody knows any quality hoster please tell me
    I know its a little amount but I cannot afford more for this.
    Please Help

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    I can't recommend anyone for that price. All web hosts cost a little bit more than that. You could try your luck at the Shared & Reseller Hosting Offers section though. You might just find a web host doing that deal, but you'd need to do some research on that company first.

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    The trouble with paying so little is a large percentage of it goes to paying the payment processor's fees. If you are willing to pay for a few months in advance you might find someone but otherwise I'd be surprised if you could find 500mb for that.

    Might be worth checking the free offers section.

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    i think you must try looking for a free host.. there are some good ones around...
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    I need Cpanel Hosting without banners with domain. because of MYSQL & CRONJOBS per minture. I think free hosts donot allow this, If they allow, they have heavy resistrictions

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    You should consider paying a bit more if you want a host that doesn't host your website on a win2k box in their basement

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    I need it only for $1 or $2.
    I think free hosts donot allow this, If they allow, they have heavy resistrictions
    Paying $1 or $2 is very similar to free hosting. If you are serious enough to pay for hosting, go for $5-$10 at least. Paying $1 or $2 and waste time with bad support or technical issues is actually more expensive as your time is expensive too.

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    Your plan is not very realistic ...anyway ... you can get that for the first year with Dreamhost if you pay yearly (just about $23/ first year) ...and using a BIG discount coupon
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    You might as well post asking for free hosting. $1-$2 is not going to get you anything.
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    $1 hosting is not going to be reliable. Try increasing your budget a little more

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