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    [REQUEST] Site redesign

    Hi all,

    We are looking at redesigning our site ( and would like offers from skilled designers. Price range $150-1000.

    Reason: Although we like our current site, it can be somewhat limiting (height is more or less predefined, and we cannot easily set up promotions on the front page). We would like a front page with more "room" for such promotions, the option of displaying short news on the front page etc.

    The project: XHTML compatible front and sub pages, no Adobe-style garbage-code, but simple, validated XHTML. We would also need product icons for 5-10 products.

    We require: Designer must have experience from similar projects, XHTML knowledgeable, portofolio. Must be able to communicate through MSN. We are not interested in TM customizations!

    Payment: We will pay 10% up front, 70% when work is completed and delivered, the rest is payable at the latest five working days after completion. This is to ensure the quality and support of the completed work, in case any issues arise. Payment through Paypal.

    We also frequently have banners designed for different campaigns. The designer or company chosen for this project may also have the option of designing these banners as required.

    Feel free to respond in private or public. You must include the following:
    - Portofolio
    - Your offer on the project
    - Turnaround time

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    Hi there It would be a pleasure for me to redesign your website at a very reasonable price.

    I will PM you soon with my details.

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    PM sent. Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    Although we do appreciate offers, we have also gotten several which doesn't fullfill our requirements, e.g. they lack either pricing or portofolio. Those offers will NOT be considered.

    Thank you!

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    east coast, usa
    $500 completed in 2 weeks or less.

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    my portfolio is located at
    i could have this comlpleted on a budget of $1000 in about 3 to 4 weeks.
    please check my website for qualifications and portfolio.

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    did you already find someone for this project?

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    Pm Sent !!!!!!!!

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