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Thread: Kayako Support

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    Kayako Support

    There is Very Noticeable Change in the Kayako Support.
    They used to take Ages to answer the tickets, Now most the Tickects gets answered instatenosuly.
    Also Live Chat makes life still more Easier

    Overall they are doing really good.

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    good to hear that. I havent contacted them for a long time, as you said, they took AGES for replying. Hopefully, they are doing better now

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    Finally! We suffered a lot from these guys before..they used to take ages to get a reply sent..I'm very glad to see this has improved.
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    To bad the operators poor understanding of english still gets in the way. I got sick and tired of trying to explain things to them 20 times each time i had an issue, so I already left them. I hated the fact that I would ask them a question about functionality and they would say that it would do that, but when i asked follow up questions to clarify things, i would find out that they were wrong.

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    Never had a communication problem, they were just tardy
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    Anybody ever notice their eSupport demo seems to constantly revert to version 2? I would consider their product but it seems they can't keep their demo running v3... how hard can that be?

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