These are domains which I currently have listed for sale. Most of these domains are parked with I prefer to sell domains through because of their free escrow service. Most of the domains in this list range from $60.00 - $75.00 (usd) each only. This is basically my year end "sale" on domain names to raise a little bit of extra money for the kids during the holidays. All domains are registered with GoDaddy (making transfer simple and painless), except for the following domains which are registered with 1and1:,,,, and

To purchase any of these domains all you must do is click on the domain of your choice which will take you to the Sedo page where you may purchase/do an offer. Please note that $60.00 is as low as Sedo will allow someone to offer. If you for some reason wish to not use Sedo I do also have a PayPal account. You can inquire directly via E-Mail: loveacrossborders at Gmail dot com, AIM: applesbliss, Yahoo Messenger: loveacrossborders, or MSN: loveacrossborders at Hotmail dot com. If you are interested in purchasing the complete web site of then you can just contact me directly.

Thank you very much!,
Shaun Apple - - $200 (OBO) - registered until: 01/04/2007 - This is a shopping domain that I used for e-commerce for more than three years. It's been highly promoted over the last few years online. I'm selling the entire web site. According to this domain is appraised at $444.00 - - - registered until: 12/01/2006 - Perfect name for marketing or promoting drugs! You can use my idea and setup a drug portal with information and have people click on banner ads to make money. - registered until: 12/04/2006 - Perfect keywords for attracting customers to your immigration or tourism related services. - - registered until: 01/07/2007 - It's short, easy to remember, and relevant to the Internet. Elsewhere on the Internet "" is currently being sold for over $10,000. The price for '' is a steal! - - registered until: 11/28/2006 - The Bangkok Post. It's the same name as Thailand's largest English newspaper. You could market practically anything in Thailand with this name. - - registered until: 11/29/2006 - Perfect keywords for attracting customers to your camping tent or outdoors product(s). - - registered until: 11/29/2006 - Take "stock" in China now as they continue to grow. This web site is perfect and easy to remember for any business that wants to do business in China. It's also perfect for stock in Chinese markets. - - registered until: 03/2007 - The "Dark Web" is content on the Web that is not found in most search engine results, because it is stored in a database rather than on HTML pages. Estimated to be up to 80% of the web. - - registered until: 11/29/2006 - Perfect for a doctor or doctor's office. An awesome standout name for their business, practice, or even a personal web site or informational web site about drugs. Only three characters! - - registered until: 03/2007 - ExtraSolar refers to any planets outside of our solar system. There are new planets discovered almost on a monthly basis. Lots of future potential here, especially for you Science types. - - registered until: 09/26/2007 - - registered until: 03/2007 - High-definition radio or TV station. - - registered until: 07/01/2007 Want to "own" the US? Here is your chance! - - registered until: 03/2007 - Mag-Lev trains are the trains of tomorrow and also today. Currently there is one mag-lev train in operation in Shanghai, China. Some countries are planning their entire future transportation systems around mag-lev trains. - - registered until: 03/2007 - Micro fuel cells are going to replace batteries as we currently know them as the storable and reusable energy sources for consumer electronics. Read more: - - registered until: 09/20/2007 - - registered until: 09/21/2007 - - registered until: 11/28/2006 - - registered until: 12/04/2006 - Perfect keywords for attracting customers to your immigration or tourism related services.