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    Syncing up two videos

    Hey All,

    Ive got a presentation show coming up, I need to play two video files, with two projectors onto two screens.

    Now the two videos are in sync, same audio edit track, same gap at start/finish etc.

    What would be the best way to play these videos in sync with each other, i was thinking about writing a simple application to play them both at a certain time (both pcs in time sync with each other).

    Can anyone think of any better ideas?, I do also have a VGA over CAT5 sender, and the projectors do take CAT5 input's, any ideas ?


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    You could click on both of the computers at the same time to start the videos. Thats what I would do if I had two separate screens. But what I usually use is one video signal split into different screens.
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    Its two different video's with two screens , but the same soundtrack hehe, otherwise i would have split the signal.

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