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    Looking to Buy a Reseller Account Using Moneybookers as Payment Method


    I'm looking for a cheap reseller account. My requirements with regards to disk space and bandwidth are really minimal. I am only going to host my own web sites which I have made a number of and hosted them at different providers until now. Now I want to host them all together. I need PHP and MySQL support, and WHM. Other things aren't that important.

    I'm looking for <$10/month options with an important additional requirement:

    - moneybookers is the only payment option available to me and I absolutely have to pay through them.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    contact Hung at They do accept moneybookers as a payment method. However, their reseller package is starting at $15/month. If you can afford that, I am sure you will be happy there. I had a DA reseller account with them. Have upgraded to dedicated server, and still happy
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    Thanks for the suggestion. As I said, my sites are tiny and well below 100 unique hits a day. So I'm looking for a really cheap provider

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    if they are all your sites, you can be fine with shared account with add-on domains. their lowest package starting at $4/month only
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    Yeah, all are mine but I bought a domain with my brother's name and I want to give him a full cPanel account as present (so he can manage it, look at stats, etc. without me).

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    4,306 <<< you can go here to check with each host there. Moneybookers do update the list, so hopefully you can get your host soon

    good luck

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    Thanks, I'll check them out.

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