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    Server keeps crashing.

    I have a site that recently got very very popular. It's running on a dual core opteron 170 with 2 gigs of ram. It keeps crashing (server load in the 80+) during most hours.

    The site is very mysql intensive. Any recommends for a server that will be able to handle mysql well?

    I was thinking the Quad Xeons hivelocity is selling should be able to, but I dont want to purchase it and find out I need to upgrade. (not that you can say...)
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    Maybe go for load balancing?

    Have a dedicated server just to handle the database, then have a server to just handle the web requests.

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    wow, that site must be getting lots of hits or ddos because I have one of the same processor and its killer. I say its a problem in their applications but I guess some sites do require a bigger server or clustering.
    what kinda traffic is that getting if you dont mind me asking? Im curious as to know exactly what those will handle. And what kinda web app are they running?

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    Do you have your server optimized? What kernel are you running?
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    Are you running cPanel?
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    What is the mysql, php,apache version that you have on the server. Have you optimized all these three... What OS are you using?
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    lol looks like everyone is interested why the dual core opteron isnt handling it well. I would think that in order to saturate that cpu you would be using at least 5 tb bandwidth or more a month

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    Two words - InterWorx cluster

    Seperating web and database is probably also a good call.
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    Well, this does happen.. You should get an experienced admin to take a look at it and tweak your settings to handle the traffic or if your server is managed you can simply ask the DC to do that for you..There are also a few optimization tutorials you can find that'll tell how how various server applications are optimized.
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