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    Paypal payment sent to wrong address

    hey all

    ok im a bit screwed here

    basically ive implemented a cart on ma site.....and when people wanna pay it supose to go directly to ma paypal account

    BUT i mispelt the paypal account for payment in the cart config and one client made an order and it went to a non existing email account - i missed a letter out from it

    but i checked it and that email account / domain dont exist..

    any ideas what happens here pleasE?


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    Since this payment will be unclaimed, I presume they can login and do this:

    Click the My Account tab
    Click the History subtab
    Click Cancel in the Action column of the transaction in question
    Click Cancel Payment
    You have successfully cancelled the payment

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    Or if you want to go through the hassle yourself, buy that domain, make an email account that payment was sent on, add that email to your paypal, and accept the payment.

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