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    can you resell dedicated servers?

    can you resell dedicated servers? or just shared hosting

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    Yup, you can apply for reseller status with SoftLayer and get a little discount on their prices. However, there are some other terms and conditions (I think you have to have been in business for a year, offer some other service that SoftLayer doesn't provide, and already have X amount of servers from them). That is the only place I know of for sure that offers the ability to resell their servers, yet I'm pretty confident that places like LayeredTech, etc. do as well.

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    Layeredtech has a great reseller program. They also give their resellers special servers which are not available to the public; this helps bring in sales. Try them out, they will meet your needs.

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    when reselling dedicated server, make sure you can choose a good provider, that can give you a quick supporting service. Saying "quick" I mean all the questions should be answered within minutes, not hours
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    it also depends on which level you want to offer your customers. Do you want to do with unmanaged or managed servers? They're totally different

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    Any provider utilizing hsphere v2.5 will have the capability for you to resell dedicated servers - either from them or from any other dedicated server provider of your choice. You would create dedicated plans, just as you would create shared plans - and the end user control panel wold have graphs, upgrade requests, integrated billing, etc...

    Hope this helps...

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    You cant really go wrong with the planet. Only thing I'm not sure of is their support turnaround time. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    just ad 40$ per month to your favourite dedicated server provider and BAM you have a DS reseller :p

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