I'm experienced in many areas and am at this time looking to assist in grow of a hosting provider who is in need of additional technical (backend support).

Some background:

I've been with multiple providers in the past providing online (IRC based) live help to irc hosting customers. Currently am running my own small online based webhosting and irc hosting service (mentioned pertaining to experience only).

  • Courses: A+ and Net+ as well as Electronic Office (MS Office) (taken a few years back)
  • 3 years of FreeBSD support/administration
  • Proficient in setup of any number of unix based applications: apache, exim, qmail (and related packages, qmailadmin, etc), nagios, as well as just about any needed (there's obviously to many to name here as any seasoned admin realizes).
  • Proficient in setup and management of clientexec. Have also used and setup modernbill v4 in the past.

Resume provided upon request. I'd prefer a full time position however I am more than willing to take on part time of course. Salary desired is negotiable based upon the tasks required.

Looking forward to assisting in a well run firm of who desires additional support.