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    Acceptable CPU utilization

    What will be an acceptable level of CPU utilization for a dedicated server given the following information:

    2GB RAM
    Pentium 4 HT 3Ghz CPU

    This server will eventually be used to host my client websites.


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    CPU or system load?

    My webservers usually generate up to 600% CPU load, ~3 System load. Anything higher than that will cause slowdowns.

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    That server should be able to run fine at 3-4 load. I would not go any higher than that.
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    It depends on the server resource usage... If you use mysql based site.... and not tweaked the settings according to the resource available... then load may spike(same applies to apache)... also i assume you are talking about the CPU utilization... not the load here.... mysql itself might take out 99% of CPU available.... i assume your's settings is like apache 1.3, mysql 4.1... as it is cpanel.
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    Thanks for all of your replies.

    I didn't make my post really clear. It should have been CPU/System load so I do apologize.

    And yes, it does have Apache 1.3/MySQL 4.1.

    All I wanted to know is for me to have a good baseline to indicate that my server is about to be overloaded when I start sticking accounts to it.

    And yes, I know that there could be several factors that might affect the server's load such as how it is being utilized. I was hoping to get a generalized baseline from everybody who has had this kind of server specs.

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    Hi. I'm on a similar Intel Xeon 3Ghz/2GB ram server and sometimes the load is normally around 4.

    Recently it was shooting up to 10-15 due to an out-of-control perl script which I had to manually kill, which is not good.

    How can I tell what user started the perl script (it says 'nobody')?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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