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    Move from Shared to VPS to prevent DoS


    I would like to know your opinions and/or experience about this statement:

    moving a website currently hosted on a powerful shared account to a VPS in order to prevent (or at least mitigate) a DoS attack.

    As you know, attacks to shared accounts can not be stopped as firewall is not available for the shared customer.

    VPS are good enough in this matter? What a VPS can do to fight DoS and DDoS attacks?

    Any opinion will be valuable and appreaciated

    Thank you

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    Hello osckar,

    Theoritically you're right, VPS should be way better than Shared as it's like this: Shared -> VPS -> Dedicated, having vps in middle and dedicated as best. However that also depends on how much load the server (node) that hosts the shared account or the VPS is having. If a shared account is on a server with better hardware and less load than the VPS' one, then it may end up being faster.

    Additionally, since you mentioned firewall's availability, you should know that there are cases that VPS dont have software firewall available on it either, so I'd advice you to contact your VPS provider and ask them first before ordering. And don't forget that further than server's software/internal firewall, it mostly matters provider's DoS/DDoS filtering as heavy attacks have to be handled before they reach your server filling your switch port's pipe (i.e 100 Mbit/s port). Because once that's done, no matter what you do inside the server.. it's useless.

    Thanks and good luck.
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    As stated above you want to search for a host whos host nodes have DDoS Protection rather than just trying to protect your VPS.
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    If your Hardware node have a 100Mbit port and the attack is bigger than 100Mbits Hardware node will be unable to mitigate it since it's using all inbound resources.

    The best solution is look for a VPS provider running on Staminus, Awknet or Gig-E (datacenters with relliable DDoS protection)

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