It was ArticHost's birthday, and as part of our celebration, i did some multiplying and huge rounding up!

Excerpt from our BORING newsletter (written by me):

Now i'm gonna bore you with some BORING figures:

2Gb -> 5Gb || A CRAZY 150% INCREASE!
20Gb -> 50Gb || What do i see? 150% AGAIN!

3.5Gb -> 8Gb || Wait a minute... Again, OVER 100%
65000MB -> 150Gb or 153600mb || Whups, i did it again!

8000Mb --> 20Gb || Excuse me? Do i see an 150% increase -- AGAIN?! --
110000Mb --> 300Gb || Now you gotta be kidding me, now it's almost 200%??

25Gb -> 50Gb
333Gb --> 1Tb ! || *pinches himself* Am i dreaming? 1 TERABYTE TRANSFER!

Now you could really call Platinum SEMI-DEDICATED! That's hell of a lot from

If you want to, read rest of the newsletter YOU can from:

Yep, that is SUPERIOR support w/ 5Gb HDD and 50Gb transfer for a LOWLY 5.29e per month!
In USD that's just something like 6.56USD, you ain't even getting McfatDonalds lunch with
that, but YOU CAN get this superior hosting from

Have fun guys! I know i AM having!