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    Smile Joomla and Paypal

    Okay hi everyone,SOmebody help me, i have created a site using JOOMLA as the content management system, i have made all the files in Dreamweaver then simply copied them to the static pages, however some pages require people to make purchases,so i simply used the clients paypal and u know..cretaed the buy now buttons,however in dreamweaver everything looks okay except that when i transfer everything into JOOMLA the paypal codes are in the html but the buttons dont show in the browser. What should i do?
    Is there any shopping cart(to buy services not goods) that i can use and can be integrated in JOOMLA? and is linked to paypal?.anyhelp is .much so appreciated.

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    Check out

    I'd say Virtuemart ( but it's not great when it comes to services.

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