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    Fantastico & server load

    ooops, just noticed this forum might be more suited for my question. Will edit out my last post. Here goes:

    Just curious, I tested Fantastico from a web host about 2 years ago. Neat stuff but nothing that I really used.

    There is an option to install Fantastico on a VPS now. Will it slow down the server?

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    Fantastico De Luxe (alone) will not slow down the server, however the software that you can install through it could cause a load (depending on the variables such as size, what it does and how many people are accessing it, etc).
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    Yup, Fantastico doesn't cause any load issues..if let's install mambo using fantastico and mambo gets a lot of traffic or gets hacked..etc..then it's mambo's fault..not Fantastico' only installs the stuff
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    yes like people are saying, fantastico is just a mod to cpanel
    it just runs when people want them to run

    so it will depend on how many people are using it

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    I see. Thanks all! Got it.

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