I've offered this infrequently in the past, but now that my radio show has grown significantly, it seems like a good time to offer it again.

I am the co-producer and host of Midweek Politics (www.midweekpolitics.com), a weekly political talk show that is recorded at WXOJ, a Pacifica Radio (www.pacifica.org) affiliate station, and then syndicated throughout the week on 6-10 other Pacifica stations.

The shows are then, every wednesday after broadcast on our local affiliate, put on our website www.midweekpolitics.com where they remain for SEVEN weeks.

Each show receives an average of 800 download in the FIRST week, and then that trails off throughout the 6 weeks that follow.

We are offering only FOUR 15 and 30 second spots. You need ONLY write the copy for the ad (everything that will be said via voiceover).

One of the individuals that does voiceover work at our station will be voicing these ads. You can also request/provide us with any musical bed (background music) that you would like over you ad.

We are selling the following options:

15 second spot airing on TWO consecutive shows: $50
15 second spot airing on FOUR consective shows: $80

30 second spot airing on TWO consecutive shows: $75
30 second spot airing on FOUR consecutive shows: $120

These prices include ALL production as mentioned above, you need only provide the copy that will be read, and any music (optional) that will be used.

This radio show will only continue to grow up through and past the November elections, and has already been around more than 1 year.

Any questions? PM me or email radio<at>midweekpolitics.com