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    Looking for Inexpensive Dedicated

    I am looking for the most inexpensive yet stable server. I need it for backing up a dedicated that I have now. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Processor is not my biggest concern. HDD, and Bandwidth are. Please help. Thanks. I would prefer it to have plesk.
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    It would help if you specify a price range and give more info about your BW and space requirements..

    Most Inexpensive yet Stable, a difficult equation to balance
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    layered tech and softlayer are good ones

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    Layered tech or server matrix. I have both of these providers cheapest dedicated servers that I use for DNS servers. Both have never been down and have been very reliable.

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    Wouldn't it be cheaper to go with a backup provider ? Such as

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott.Mc
    Wouldn't it be cheaper to go with a backup provider ? Such as

    Yes, but there are other considerations (such as security of data, etc.).
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    There are plenty of offers on wht I am sure you will find one that can suit your needs by looking at the offers/requests forums

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