Hello, www.thegametrix.com is offering Advertising spots in the form
of text links and banners. The site gets from 250 to over 400 unique
visits daily, an average of about 325 daily throughout september.
The site has been online and running for over two years.

The site has a PR5 with a lot of PR4, PR3 and PR2 subpages. Google
has indexed over 15,000 pages throughout the site, and your banner
or link will be on every single page (for sitewide links and banner spots).

Here are the available advertising options:
Banner spots - $9/month (5 spots available)

Sitewide text links- $5/month (2 spots available)

Homepage PR5 links - $3/month (10 spots available)

Cool Links page (PR3) - $1.50/month

If you are interested in the offer or have any questions please post
here and I will reply/send you a PM as soon as possible.