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    Godaddy vs Host Monster

    The title pretty much says it all, just give me your opinion of both of them. Plz don't tell me to search the fourms for them, i have all ready done so. Just list the pro's and con's of both and your experience with them, Reliability, Customer support, price, speed.

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    This is my GoDaddy experience:

    Windows hosting: Very stable - no problems since signing up in June.
    Unix hosting: Poor - site always down or timing out so I switched back to Windows.

    I have a static content site (plain text, html, images), no scripts running.

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    I used GoDaddy hosting almost 3 yrs, never had a problem, uptime statistics show 99.98% since beginning of last year. I used Linux.

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    whats the differnce between linux and windows when it comes to hosting?

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    HostMonster is owned by BlueHost and I have had horrible experiences with BlueHost...Therefore I don't think HostMonster would be the best option.

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    ya...thats kina what i was thinking...i just found out they wer owned by the same people.

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