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    Anyone who owns or is starting a hosting company

    We're looking to add hosting to our webmaster sevices.

    If there is anyone of this forum who ownes a hosting company or is starting a hosting company and wants to move it to a new home as a service to a community of webmasters, then PM me with whatever you've got.

    The main site has a PageRank of 4 which is what you're site will be starting off with if you join us, and you'll have access to a community of webmasters, and loads of targeted traffic.

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    PM is blocked here. Got an e-mail?


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    You can use my msn handler in my profile, that's my email address

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    It seems I do not have permission to view your profile, either.

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    I belive you're required to have a minum of 5 posts, before you can do anything.. IE, pm, post links & etc...

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    Oh, alright - I didn't know, new to webhostingtalk

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    to the OP, do you care to elaborate on exactly what you are requesting? its a bit ambiguous and there are lots of people that own web hosting companies in here.

    What do you mean by "moving it to a new home?"
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    Moving it to a new domain completely - becoming a part of another company

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    So you mean merging, basically? How is your company structured now, and what would be the structure of the combined companies once the merger is complete?

    EDIT: Or do you mean more of a partnership?
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