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    * Need new web host...

    I've been searching for the last two days and I'm rather lost. I need:

    20 gigs of space
    150 gigs of bandwidth
    for around $20...

    PHP 4 / MySql 4...
    PHP 5 / asp support a plus.

    For a script heavy / forum site.

    And all the usual... great uptime (our current host has been going down a lot) and great customer support (used to have this... not so much anymore). Anyone got any ideas?

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    Be sure to email the host before about the php versions before, alot of good hosts out there can offer both options(not at same time), but some can only offer one or other. Also in regards to resources, if you use enough resources for a while dedicated server, then you might want to go with one. But you should be able to find a great host in the $20-$30 per month price range for what your looking for. Let me know if you have any problems. Be sure to contact the host first. Have a good one!
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    20 Gigs of space is a lot for your budget. If you are looking for anything reliable you will need to pay much more.
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    20GB of space for $20/m seems pretty low for a quality host with great uptime and great support. Most hosts that will offer that are overselling fairly extremely.

    As far as what you are looking for, I would likely suggest a VPS account if your account is resource intensive. How many people are usually online at one time on your forum?
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    I could probably get away with 10 gigs of space... and worry about more space as it becomes a problem.

    The current forum setup is hidious... invision 2.0 with crappily coded mods tacked on to it. I've been working on a new system that should be a lot more resource friendly, but until then...

    Oh yeah... I would love to actually have a cron system that works. My server's cron only seems to occasionally work...
    Unless there's something wrong with wanting to run a simply query every 5 minutes or so
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    Your budget is quite low for the disk and bandwidth you want, if you want a reliable host. If you need asp support, make sure you get a Windows server account. Apache ASP stinks The comment about PHP is good, definately check with whoever you are interested in. Not all offer both versions. Also, let the new host know you are using InvisionBoard.....some hosts do not allow it.
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    I could probably get away with 10 gigs of space... and worry about more space as it becomes a problem.
    10gb is still too much for just $20 per month.

    If you really need that amount of resources, up your budget. I would recommend getting a VPS from either or

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    For a script heavy / forum site.
    You better get a VPS or a dedicated.
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