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    Need some advice on server

    Hi there. I'm currently running a VPS at jaguarpc. But these two days I'm starting to get some traffic and they bring down my site temporarily saying that my site used up too much CPu.

    My site is a SMS site that people send out SMS by email from our site. So each SMS will send out one email to the provider. My site receives 3-4K uniques daily.

    Just want to ask how much CPU power do I need? I'm a newbie in those celeron, P4 and AMD processors thingy. The VPS i;m on now is Dual Opteron CPU.


    My budget is less than 130/month including management.

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    Well, for $130 you won't be able to stay on a server like the one you're currently on now.. you'll be able to get yourself a Celeron. Anyone would be more comfy with a more powerful processor of course but you're bound by your budget here so, yea..a Celeron or a 2.x Pentium
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    you can go server forums, there are good deals around

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    sorry, edited . not relavent
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