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    Blocking the United Kingdom

    HI, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem that I want sorted. I have asked a few people but not many don't know what to do so hopefully someone on this forum can help me...

    I would like to ban/block visitors from the UK from visiting my website. Is there anyway way I can have the whole of the UK blocked and redirected to a different site or see a 404 page when trying to visit my site?

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    You can get the range of IP's corresponding to country in this URL Using APF you can block
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    are we that bad

    getting around an IP block isnt that terms of viewing websites. google's cache will help you for a start...

    essentially what m trying to say is it may stop the casual viewer but anyone from the UK who REALLY wants to see the site will do.
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    hmm, I never had a probl;em with uk ips. China has always been my biggest problem. I held out for the logest time until finally I realized there was no legit traffic coming from there only lame hack and attack attempts. Now I keep brazil, argentina, china, and of course turkey banned from my personal server. Not that im scared of them or anything they just fill up my logs constantly and most of your bots in botnets come from these countries, especially china.

    I think most brute force, hack, and dos attacks come from compromised servers. I spend one day a week going through my security logs and filimg abuse reports. I doubt it does any good, very few even reply.

    Good luck but I think in blocking UK you are blocking lots of legit traffic

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    If you dont have a full dedicated server, you can block via htaccess too

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    Some UK IP's are listed as EU, so to be effective you will probably have to block the whole of the EU too.

    Still I have absolutely no idea why you'd want to do that.


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    yeah China, Turkey, Russia, and even India depending on what your application is usually is very commonly blocked regions. Although you gotta be out of your mind to block the UK. This region is the most connected, has the most online users per capita, educated, spends money online, and surfs an average of 1.5 time slonger than any other region.

    Its that damn Dave Beckham isnt it? he just pissed you off with his lame futbol game? lol

    you can point traffice that originates in certain regions to err'd IPs through us based on DNS - but you may be restricting traffic from the regions nearby as well. hmm i think you should just forget about it - fughedaboudit
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    The only way to block is by IP ranges, but you cannot tell if a viewer is located in the UK if he's using a (say) swedish proxy server. Similarly, here at my work, all our internet access is routed through the IT HQ in the Netherlands.

    So, there's no absolute way of stopping your neighbour from viewing you and your missus's 'personal' web site (that's the only reason my perveted mind can think of ) but adding those IP ranges to the firewall will stop nearly everyone surfing the web normally.
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    Why not shut down website completly, if you want to ban the UK, EU and some other countries?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex-developer
    Why not shut down website completly, if you want to ban the UK, EU and some other countries?
    totally agree

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    You could block just uk isp's with htaccess

    heres one to get you started, you would need to search for the other isp's
    <Limit GET POST>
    order allow,deny
    allow from all
    deny from ip address
    deny from
    <Limit PUT DELETE>
    order deny,allow
    deny from all

    I us the above method on a customers website to block all usa isp's.

    There can be genuine reasons for blocking access, in my customers case they only sell their product in one city in the uk and find that bandwidth usage from usa is just costing them too much when they don't sell to usa.

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