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    how many items I should put into rss file?

    I need to write RSS2.php file for my blog, let other ppl to subscribe the feed.

    just a basic question.

    how many items I should put there.

    just the lastest 10 blogs posted or all the blogs. or its doesn't matter how many items to show, its up to the developer

    I am wondering how other blog applications work. I download their source code, but have hard time to understand it.
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    i think most feeds are set to 10

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    Depending on the kind of blogs you're publishing, I'd say that, typically speaking, you could set between 5-10 blogs per page to maintain a great loading levels between each pages. However, if your RSS content uses images, with the text you're publishing, I'd consider keeping the minimum value, since - without knowing how many times your blogs could be changed - it would require re-downloading some new images at the same time (also depending on the mount of users you might have everyday - which could increase bandwidth).

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