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    2 - Designs For Sale


    I have a couple of Designs I have bought over the past few weeks which I really have no use for and they were not done by myself but I purchased themand you would own them free and clear to do with them as you like.

    Design #1 Hosting Template
    - HTML
    - Images
    - PSD's
    Min Bid is $150.00 ( I paid more than that for it )

    Peview Here

    Design #2 Gaming Site
    - HTML
    - Images
    - PSD's
    This is a Full site design , there are individual pages for each nav link all done in PHP this is not just a 1 page Template. If you intrested in a domain I do have a Name and Logo made for the site and you could buy the domain also which is registered for 2 yrs for extra 30.00 that would include the 15.00 transfer fee.
    the domain is

    Min Bid - 50.00 for the site only, extra if you want the domain and please specify when you bid on this Design.

    Preview Here

    Like I said Included in the Designs are:
    - HTML
    - Images
    - PSD's
    -You own it

    Payment Prefered is Pay Pal or Credit Card through Pay Pal
    You will recieve the Zip files imediately once payment is made and verified.

    Thanks for your time and if you have any questions feel free to email me or pm me through Webhosting Talk

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    I read that you got screwed over with that first template, so I take it you never got your money back?

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    right I took the design and hope to make some money back , as I don't need it cause I already have a designer that is doing me a site now. Hopefully it will sell and I think 150 is pretty reasonable starting point.

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    oh, I see. You could have just used template 1 for your website but I guess you didn't like the people behind it so..

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    Does the first template...?

    Come with customizations to the phantasyworks logo/words, or is that stuck there, since you're not a designer?

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    It comes with PSD's, if they're not flattened or something, then you/he shouldn't have a problem putting a different logo on. Unless ofcorse you don't have PhotoShop.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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    I have a in house designer and yes it could be customized ,but he is outta town at this moment so it might take some time. But someone with photoshop skills it wouldn't be hard to edit it to a new logo and graphics as NetXL said it comes with the Psd's which is a good thing

    Also there are alot of people that do great logo work for cheap around here for 20 - 30 dollars and I am sure that's a good option too.

    Yes we could have m3trans1t , but I hired a new designer which is a personal friend of mine and he is making me a new site as you can see on our main page.
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