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    Best sollution for my scenario


    I need you suggestions to the following situation:

    At the moment I have/use the following
    15 domain
    1,5 GB webspace
    30 GB bandwith

    I have some .hu domain but most of them are .com (with visitors all over the world) so I want a provider in US. Because of the .hu domain I want an own nameserver which is acceptable for .hu domain registrars. I mean I can not register a .hu domain with a nameserver of dathorn, reyox. Without any technical detail the registration form fails with that nameservers. For example I can register with resellerzoom.

    At the moment I have a reseller plan at reyox and resellerzoom, but both has ~1 outages/week and are slow. (Ok, I pay only 15$ total for that).

    In the future I want to concentrate my domains at one reliable and fast provider.

    As summary I want
    3GB webspace,
    control 25 domains,
    and at least 50GB bandwith
    own namserver (.hu registration)
    NO overselling if possible
    max 25$/mo

    What are your suggestions?
    Can I do it with normal hosting plan or only with reseller plan?

    Thanks in advance!

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    For 25 domains I would suggest a reseller plan, not many hosts will give you 25 addon domains, I don't think many will let you have your own namedservers, but can give you anonymous DNS, just be sure to check with them about the .hu domains.

    Good luck with your search

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    If you would like to go with reseller plans, is a good host.. Otherwise, I would recommend browsing through Web Hosting Talk's Reseller Forums.

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