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    Arrow I could really dowith some advice

    Hi all. I've already posted once about this, but I've slowly changed my plan, so I really need help with the following.
    I'm thinking of creating a website with Mambo / Joomla with about 50 pages, with some multimedia elements (some podcasts, etc.), also for download. I'd like to link this to: Tikiwiki (to use as archive, groupwork, text resources, etc.), Moodle (for a few brief elearning courses) and b2evolution (for blogs). I will offer this site to approx. 200 registered users - the number is guaranteed and won't change because they are my students. The users will presumably visit an average of 10 pages a day, and use their own personal blog (so about 150 - 200 blogs total).

    I can only afford about 80 - 100 euros / dollars annually.

    One question is: where does the problem lie from the hosting point of view? Is it the bandwidth needed? The disk space? the databases? What problems are there in hosting this project on shared hosting plans?

    And are there any flaws in my plan? I mean, there could be an obvious overlapping between Mambo and Tiki - in which case, should I just go with one of them? Which one? would this help find a shared hosting plan (Tiki / mambo + b2evolution +moodle) ?

    What problems would I encounter in managing the site? I have almost NO experience in managing a site.

    What if I ask for an individual shared hosting plan for each of the platforms (one of rmambo, one for tiki, one for etc.), maybe at 20 - 30 euros each? would that be a good idea? Would there be a problem in integrating the three four different sites (linking them)?

    I would be extremely grateful for ANY help with this. Really.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    For a site like this you will need quite a bit of everything, disk space, transfer, Databases, and of course a host that is fast enough to cater for this site.
    But as you say you want to host all the parts of the site on seperate domains, you would be better off getting a decent sized reseller plan and for 80 - 100 euros you shouldn't have any problems finding something that will suit your needs.

    Just search around the forum a bit, maybe look in the offers section, or perform a search from the top of this page.

    Good luck with who evewr you choose

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    Well, I have to say you seem to have a good grasp on what your needs are and what options you have.
    Lets start first with the hosting as you asked what is most important. The most important is reliability and then support. The rest like disk space, bandwidth etc all follow. If you have 50GB of bandwidth per month but they are down every other day what good is it.
    Next, in my opinion, you should find a host which uses cpanel and the main reason for you is because most hosts use cpanel these days and include Fantastico. Fantastico is a script auto installer that will allow you to install Joomla, b2evoloution, Mambo etc with a click or two. Keep in mind that each of these installs require their own database. Some hosts offer unlimited databases so this becomes less of a worry as well. Also, you mentioned TikiWiki as a requirement. Well, this is also an installer with Fantastico.
    I don't think you will need individual plans considering you will be using CMS and Blog based sites and particularly using templates which are installed via a management interface. Otherwise you may need to create FTP accounts for each subdomain or addon domain you host on your account. This way each of your students can upload content if the need presents itself.
    Good Luck!

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    Hi, with the information that you give, creating pages on Mambo/Joomla shouldn't be a problem. I reckon the bandwidth will likely depends on how frequently your students visit your site and downloads your podcast or files required for their lesson.

    Assuming you have a file download of 1Mb, with 200 students, the bandwidth taken for download this file will reach 200Mb alone. Based on scenario of 200Mb per day your monthly bandwidth usage will reach around 6.2Gb. Having a cPanel will allow you to manage the hosting environment, but with a CMS like Joomla, you can do more stuffs like restricting your students with least privilege and do content publishing.

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    Thanks to all of you. Really appreciate it.
    In fact I am thinking of using fantastico.
    A question: would all instances (Mambo, Tiki, Moodle, b2evolution) be under the same domain?
    thanks for stopping by.

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    You can find out a host offering multiple domain hosting through Cpanel (if you plan to use fantastico), in that way, you'll able to manage all your domains on the same control panel, and also, you can install each script on the domain that you want using fantastico.
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    Yes, all of these features could be installed under the same domain. Fantastico will ask you to select a directory (i.e. It would'nt be too difficult to create a main navigation page with pointers to these directories. As far as space/bandwidth goes, I would shoot for roughly 30GB of transfer.

    Shared hosting is a great budget alternative to dedicated hosting and if you select a host who take quality and care seriously, you shouldnt be able to tell the difference in uptime/support/speeds etc...

    Hope this helps, good luck in your search - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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