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    Question Best banner system for a proxy site? (google, adbit etc)?

    what is the best system for a proxy server? I now google does not allow it...
    Are there any other good companies and are there companies that pays for impressions?

    thanks a lot

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    Hmz ...where does it say that google doesn't allow proxy?...
    (I had a friend that had some 7$ clicks with adbrite ...but that's all the experience I had with them.)
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    any company that pay for impessions?

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    Yes, Adbrite does it.

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    I'm going to be trying adbrite soon, my friend who runs a proxy site is making $10-$15 from adbrite/day. You can use Google Adsense/YPN for your main page but not for proxied pages.

    For proxies pages I mainly use pop-unders. I've been going through Adversal and I've made a few hundred from them in a month and half which isn't too bad considering I'm not hitting TOO much traffic.

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