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    WTB : banner spot for one year-anytheme

    want to buy banner spot from any theme site except teen ages porn related。blog,subdomain is ok.
    your site must have pr2+,banner must be put on your homepage
    we will pay you one time fee for one year contract,maximal budget is 100$/Year per site.
    here is the screenshot of the banner,you can make a little adjust on size and color to fit your site style.
    anyone is interested,pm me your site ,your price for one year.if your site fit our other criteria,i will reply you soon.

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    What is your TOTAL budget, i may have some sites in that situation.

    Also does the banner have to be sitewide or only home?

    Can be in the footer?

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    you only need to put the banner on homepage,whatever where you put it.we can pay each site at most 100$/ have multiple sites fit our criteria,then you can get multiple 100$ at most.

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    What will you be paying by? PayPal subscription?

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    You can now advertise in Noeman Forum ( )
    -You can set your benner 468*60 in the top of all pages without rotation .
    - Suggesting your product to 35.000 members
    - advertising your products in Sticky threads in the most animated section
    -Maximum thrust

    I wikk offer you this advertising for 120$ year

    note :
    Rank in alexa : 50.000
    Statistic :

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    as payment,paypal,neteller is ok for any least 100$ to receive payment by least 300$ to receive by wire transfer

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    as i have the intention to buy a script ( uploading script)

    You can purshas me this script (99$)

    This will pay your advertising banner
    check your PM

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    Do you not think that a PR6 site is much better than 2 x PR2 ?

    I can offer:

    _ PR6 Homepage with very little links for 150$/year:


    _ PR6 Homepage with very high traffic (over 600 visitor a day and still raising) for 250$/year:

    If you are interested in, please PM me.



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    sorry,i m only an agent.the company i served limit the budget for every site to 100$,i must follow that.

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    I can put your banner up on the homepage of, as well as its sub-pages. It's a PR3 site.

    Cost: $90 a year
    Payment: credit card or check via Paypal

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    For your banner advertising needs you should try It just launched but can deliver your banner ad across a network of quality sites with overwhemling results. Advertisers and publishers are welcomed.

    As an advertiser you should register here

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    chenchenfans, haven't been able to meet u on send me a pm regarding the offer you've offered. i've already sent the payment details.

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    akagi,have replied your pm

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    i m an agent of TC ad company.We are looking for to find as many as sites to publish our banner.
    you can make little change on color and size to fit your site style.

    we accept any theme site except teen ages porn related。blog,subdomain is ok.your site pr must have pr2+,banner must be put on homepage whatever header,footer,left,right,content etc,static.
    we will pay you one time fee for one year contract,maximal budget is 100$/Year per site.

    about process,if your site fit our all criteria(have other criteria which is too complicated to explain here) and you agree our price,I WILL Send you ad code, should put the ad up and print the contract then hand signed it.we process all payment only on 15th of every month,so you must send the scanner of contract or fax to the company before pay day and you will get pay on time.

    you can check my itrader and previous thread
    also you can check, it is a formal ad company,so it have df process with individuals. ,we have began this project for 3 months,all publishers get payment on time.

    many people complain our process is too complicated,unluckily,i m only an agent and i can do nothing to change it.

    so plz read carefully my thread,if you are sure you understand and accept our process,plz pm me your site and price for one year.Only if your site fit our criteria,i will reply asap

    anyquestion plz post here or pm me


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