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    [For Hire] Anything you need (WebHosting)


    I was affected by some inconveniences you may have been hearing about... some hosting companies. Well I was a support person, basically setting up servers, answering support tickets, etc. etc.

    What I am looking for is a job. If needed I can send the same Resume I sent the previous company, but to be honest not much on there relevant to what you would want to know.

    I am experienced in:
    - Setting up cPanel
    - Fixing cPanel issues
    - answering support tickets
    - I can also do live calls (got a skype-in number)

    If you must have someone to do website stuff I can do the following:
    ASP, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

    I prefer to have a weekly wage which can be discussed if you are interested. I can do both Windows/Linux maintenance. I also prefer to get paid via paypal.

    Thanks for reading this, and my hat goes out to all hosting companies affected by Keith!

    You can contact me on msn at: [email protected]

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    Hi Carl,

    Could you contact me? I cant PM you as i havent posted enough yet but if you could PM me with your ICQ, MSN etc.. details I may have something for you.


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