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Thread: Im Lost..

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    Im Lost..

    I though i had my host set in my mind but im not 100% sure about there reputation, so im just gona ask very incisively. I need a host with the following:

    Reliable(both actual host & customer service)

    Around 15 GB Space

    Not sure about the bandwidth, but needs to be reasonable for a mildly popular site.

    Id like reviews if i could get them, not just one from you. ( one from you is nice to have but i like to see what the general consumer has to say)

    Im on a pretty strict budget ...around the $6 range.

    the host i had in mind was hostmonster, tell me what you think.

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    $6 for 15Gigs of space...

    if you find a reliable host with good customer services and tech support for $6 a month that is willing to give 15Gigs make sure you let me know, cause I will post them whenever someone request it.

    I have yet to find such a host.

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    I'd have to agree with Rapid-Host on this one. If you find someone willing to provide that amount of space for such an inexpensive price be sure and let the community know.
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    Search around about hostmonster and bluehost and you'll see.
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    For your particular needs, I would recommend SurfSpeedy. They offer 50gb of space for only $6.99/month. If you pay for the year, the price drops down to only $5.99/month. They are a reliable hosting company with good service.
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    ok, now that i think about it. 15 gigs is a bit much...(ok a bit more then a bit but hey)..

    so really just .. a reasonable amount of bandwith, and reliable host

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    Wat do you think about lunarpages or godaddy

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    990 and

    See for yourself.
    Recommended: Stablehost, Hivelocity, Fused

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    What's the host you were thinking of going with? If you ask about them here, or better yet, run a search on their name here on the forum you should be able to get an idea of what their reputation is like (of course that's assuming people may have posted about them at some point).
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    with 15Gb diskspace, 300 MB bandwidth transfer
    Are you joking? the customer would take months to upload their 15G if ftp is accounted into bandwidth.

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    Read the whole thread..i made a mistake andrealized it, i really wasn't looking for criticism and even if you wanted to say what you did there's much more constructive way of saying that.

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    Ok, REALLY leaning twords i couldnt find much with the search tool thoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jixz
    Ok, REALLY leaning twords i couldnt find much with the search tool thoe.
    That's weird, I found 100+ pages worth of results

    GoDaddy has bad reviews for their hosting.

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