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    Host Monster

    Hey guys, im starting up a new radio site and im looking for a host and ive come across Host Monster. Ive seen them in alot of the top 10's, but are they reliable, with good customer service? If not..who? im looking to stay around..the $5 range.

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    Ive seen them in alot of the top 10's
    Keep in mind that most top 10s are created using only the hosts that have highly paying affliate programs via When the selection base is so reduced, the end result can only be questionable at best.

    That's not to say there are no good hosts in the top 10s or that I'm passing judgement on the host you're interested in.

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    I have heard some good and bad things about Host Monster. Your best bet would be to search WHT and other hosting forums for reviews and balance your decision based on the credibility of those reviews. I would say that is the most practicle and systematic way to go with it.
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