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    * Spread the love - Truly Inspiring

    Someone shared this with me and now I would like to share it with you. Its one of those things that I guess we all live for… from being very inspiring to also having the power to change our lives..

    God bless you all

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    Albany, New York

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    Littleton, MA
    Seen it, didn't have much of an impact on my cold heart haha
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    YouTube loads slow on my T1 connection.... This better be good...

    I don't really see how it touched my heart... Not a bad video though...

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    Sep 2002
    Sweet, yes. Everyone needs, no...deserves a hug.

    If you want inspirational, look no further than Team Hoyt. If only we had more people like them in the world...

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    Tasmania, Australia
    This Aussie band was on the A Current Affair last night and through the video are getting gigs has a bit about the hugging dudes
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    Yeah, just about to say that anon-e-mouse, it was on some thing about too much hugging and touching in schools.

    That's really cool, if I saw him and run up and jump (with a hug) on him

    Good guy, most people are tight-asses these days that won't hug for free...

    Watching the rest of the video I found some guy in a blue shirt stole my idea....

    That is inspiring to me, I'm sensitive to these sorts of things, and it always makes me feel I'm missing something in my life..

    Anyway, great vid.

    My eye won't stop twitching now.... x_x

    P.S. Good to see some non-aussie background people in it, I really love when they get a piece of the action. And it's set in Aussie!

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    Very different

    More fun, than inspirational
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