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    Exclamation Dedicated Server Unmetered

    Were creating a website that offers pop3 webmail accounts for a christian college in California. Students will recieve a 50MB e-mail account. We have 3,000 students enrolled. Were looking for managed dedicated servers with the following,

    Centos OS
    Raid 1
    Hardware Replacement
    Root Server Access
    120GB Hard Drive (upgrade up to 500gb)
    1GB ram ( upgrade if available)
    Pentium 4 Processor (upgrade if available)
    Remote Backup
    100% Uptime
    Phone and Helpdesk Support

    We like ( but need a little bit more bandwidth

    Were also looking for the best price.. Any suggestions

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    "Remote Backup
    100% Uptime
    Phone and Helpdesk Support"

    are going to add to the cost..

    for the 100% uptime you probably will need redundant servers at various data centers and that gets to be a little more on the expensive.

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    If I may recommend, 3000 active students may cause the server load a little high if you are using P4 only. Ask for dual processor whenever possible. If I were the student, I will use all 50MB allocated to me. Would this be for K-12?

    As for pricing, you may get better response if you post it in the request forum since providers are not allowed to post any pricing on this thread.

    Wishing you all the best,
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurstNET
    << if you post it in the request forum >>

    That no longer exists as of a few years ago :-)
    Sorry to be off topic but why did request forum go away?

    On topic: Do a search here for cheap unmetered and I am sure you will see a number of company names come up over an over. Check them out and see which is going to be the best fit for you. Bandwidth pricing is getting pretty cut throat these days so I am sure you can something for a modest budget.
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    Give a try, they have metered and unmetered solutions.
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