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    Toqen Colocation Review

    I am a new colocation customer of and I wanted to drop them a super-positive review.

    Within about a week and a half of starting discussion with them, they were able to price-match the company I have been using on the West Coast and get my server racked. Francis is very quick with email responses and will work with you to find your best deal. The speed at the datacenter they are using is at the very least comparable to the datacenter in Cali and quite a bit faster for some routes.

    I can't say enough good things about Toqen -- A++ great service, highly recommended. PM me if you would like further information about my great experience with them.

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    I am glad that you have found a nice solution to your colocation needs. Keep us updated in the future of your experiences with

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    Whats your company/domain hosted with them?

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